Holiday home in Lugano


Lugano is the ideal place to spend your holidays.
With a house or apartment for your vacation, you can ensure a relaxing time in the Pearl of Ticino.



We offer an apartment to rent for your holiday. Our location is overlooking Lake Lugano, the lake can be less than 1 minute and the very heart of Lugano is only 10 minutes walk from us.


The solution of our holiday home is ideal for spending a carefree time and trouble in Lugano. You can go play tennis on the courts of the Tennis Club Lugano, which is only two minutes walk from us. Alternatively you can take a nice cruise on the lake by boat, not to mention the beautiful walks in the woods around here. The nightlife in Lugano also offers a wide variety of solutions to suit all tastes and entertainment. Various types of restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, casinos, with drinks lakeside walks, etc.


Lugano is the ideal place for shopping, with many shops really trend, and then the solution of a vacation home is perfect for such an environment, which should not be tied to timetables, but rather be free to come and go, like when you are at home.



Schweizer sport        


A holiday home in Lugano is particularly suitable for the summer, during which you can make both trips on the lake, which hiking in the mountains, in our beautiful woods.


Take a vacation home for rent in our cozy residence is also an excellent opportunity for the winter. Skiing on the slopes of Ticino is very fun and relaxing at the same time.


There is also another good reason to choose one of our apartments-holiday in Lugano are held year-round exhibitions, art shows, boating, classic cars and luxury goods, etc.. In short, for a period of several months in Lugano, our solution for an apartment or a holiday home is ideal.